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Big C, Little c, What Begins with C?
by Spatial Interest on 

The 2014 Farm Bill included new authorities for forest management activity that include a collaborative process.  Stakeholders question whether these policies have helped or hurt collaborative strategies of forest restoration.

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Ecosystem Restoration: A Forest Service Policy
by Spatial Interest on 

Collaborative forest restoration on federal lands is building momentum with successful implementation of landscape scale projects.  As these projects developed, the Forest Service recognized the need to clarify the purpose of restoration and the consistency of implementation within the agency.

In 2016, the Forest Service adopted an Ecosystem Restoration Policy.  The time is right to review the Policy with collaborative groups, and ensure common understanding and consistency in restoration projects.  Read more>>

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A Field Trip to the Litigation Landscape
by Spatial Interest on 

After two years of collaborative effort, three organizations have challenged the Record of Decision for the Lost Creek-Boulder Creek Restoration Project.

The twenty-seven page complaint filed in federal district court raised issues that have potential impacts within and far beyond the project boundaries.  Join a field trip to the litigation landscape and visit sample locations within the project area. The tour stops will help to identify issues raised for the court to address.

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Acres at the Margin
by Spatial Interest on 

The bottom line for the 4FRI contractor is acres - "acres in production and acres restored".  What acres matter to stakeholders?  Not every forest will have a 600,000 acres EIS, the 4FRI scale.  How many acres should matter?

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Landscape Scale Restoration Report Card
by Spatial Interest on 

Three recent documents could be interpreted as report cards on the progress of forest restoration on federal public lands:

  • GAO Report GAO-15-398
  • CFLR Five Year Report
  • A journal article, Negative consequences of positive feedbacks in US wildfire management.
The grades regarding efficiency and effectiveness vary, but in combination, offer insights for collaborative groups to review and consider in their place-based efforts.

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Collaboration: Place-Based Business Model(s)
by Spatial Interest on 

Chief Tidwell visited Idaho shortly after the publication of the agency's Five Year Report to Congress on the Collaborative Forest Restoration Program (CFLRP).  His assessment: the track record justifies collaboration as the norm for the agency.

What is the norm for the future?  Collaboration or CFLRP?

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Federal Lands Interim Committee, Sine Die (?)
by IFRP on 

Following two years of public hearings and deliberations, the Federal Lands Interim Committee submitted their report to the Sixty-third Session of the Idaho Legislature.

One of five bills related to public lands management passed - a concurrent resolution directing Idaho Department of Lands to develop agreements with federal agencies based on the Good Neighbor Authority.

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Federal Lands Interim Committee - 1905 and 2015
by Spatial Interest on 

Idaho's Legislature authorized a Federal Lands Interim Committee in 2013, and tasked the members to complete a study on the process to transfer title and control of federal public lands to the state.  After two years of work, the Committee submitted its report to the Legislature on January 20, 2015.  

The report highlighted public forest land history in Idaho - including the transition from a Territory to a State.  Were you aware that an ad hoc Committee on Forest Reserves exchanged over 40 letters in the period 1904-05?  The "discussion" included letters authored by:
  • President Roosevelt
  • Forester Gifford Pinchot
  • Idaho Senators Heyburn and Dubois
  • Governor Gooding

I wonder if their communications are relevant to the current Committee's efforts.

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